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Judy Bentley  -  Psychiatrist
MMed(pscyh)(UCT), FCPsych(SA), MBChB(UCT), BSc(med)(UCT)

As a psychiatrist, I offer assessments and interventions for adults and older teenagers with mood disorders (such as depression or unstable moods), anxiety disorders, or psychotic illnesses, and enjoy working collaboratively with other mental health care and medical practitioners to ensure comprehensive all-round care for my patients. 

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Tania Pomario  -  Clinical Psychologist
BA (UCT), BSocSci Hons (UCT), MA Psych (UCT), MPsych (UWC)
HPCSA: PS 0102393
Practice number: 0332429

I am a clinical psychologist in private practice with a special interest in neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation following brain injury. I also offer psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, trauma and other emotional difficulties. 

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Philippa Martin - Clinical Psychologist / Child Psychologist
BA (Rhodes), BA Hons. (Rhodes), M. A. Clin. Psych (UCT)
HPCSA: PS 011 3409
PRACTICE NUMBER: 086 001 044 5894

Hi, I'm Philippa. I work with people of all ages dealing with a range of relational, emotional, learning and behavioural difficulties. Using a psychodynamic approach to therapeutic work, I believe that the unique collaborative and empathic bond between therapist and patient optimises the potential for growth and healing.

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Kim Rooney  -  Clinical Psychologist
BA(Rhodes), BSocSci (Hons) (UCT), MPsych (UWC)

I have worked with children, adolescents and adults.  At state psychiatric hospitals, I gained training and experience working with a broad range of psychological and psychiatric difficulties, including depression and other mood disorders, anxiety, responses to trauma, adjustment disorders, psychosis and relationship problems.

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Carla Dukas  -  Clinical Psychologist
PhD (Clin Psych)(Stell); M.A. (Clin Psych)(Stell); BA Hons (Psych)(UNISA); B.Soc.Sci (Psych & Org Psych)(UCT)

I am a Clinical Psychologist currently involved in private practice and community psychology clinic management. I enjoy working with adolescents and adults who suffer from various behavioural or emotional problems, as well as those who seek better relationships, personal growth and a deeper meaning in their lives.  My work often involves helping people to navigate difficult life stages (such as the loss of a loved one, a change in job or health status) and other challenges.

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Yolanda Hanning  -  Counselling Psychologist
M.Ed Counselling Psychology (PSU), B.A Psych (Hons) (UWC), HDET (CPUT)
HPCSA: PS 0056715
PRACTICE NUMBER: 0860000090085

I am a counselling psychologist in private practice offering counselling and therapy to individuals (adults, couples, families, teenagers and children). Issues addressed in therapy include: relationship problems, depression, anxiety, addictions, substance abuse disorders, eating disorders, behaviour compulsions, mood disorders, abuse, trauma debriefing, grief and bereavement.  I also offer career counselling and psychometric assessments to students and workplace professionals needing clarity on their career path.

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Belinda Ernstzen  -  Practice Administrator